Shipping costs

Country Free shipping for orders overShipping costs for orders below the minimum orderDelivery
Spain (Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands)65€5,95€1-2 working days
Spain (Canary Islands, Ceuta & Melilla)170€20€ (customs clearance costs not included)
35€ (including customs clearance costs)
5-10 working days
Portugal65€5,95€1-2 working days
France, Belgium and Mónaco120€9,95€3-4 working days
Germany, Austria and Netherlands 120€9,95€3-4 working days
Italy120€9,95€3-4 working days
United Kingdom120€9,95€4-5 working days
Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland200€20€ (orders between 100€ and 199.99€)
35€ (orders under 100€)
5-10 working days
Irleland250€18,50€4-5 working days
Malt Island200€20€4-5 working days
Latvia200€30€5-7 working days
Poland200€30€5-7 working days
Argentina-49,95€ Customs costs not included7-10 working days
Switzerland200€29,95€4-5 working days