ML10 PRO CUP Silver - NOX
ML10 PRO CUP Silver - NOX
ML10 PRO CUP Silver - NOX
ML10 PRO CUP Silver - NOX
ML10 PRO CUP Silver - NOX
ML10 PRO CUP Silver - NOX
ML10 PRO CUP Silver - NOX
ML10 PRO CUP Silver - NOX

ML10 PRO CUP Silver

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The total racket.  Once they have tried it, nobody wants to put it down: comfortable, strong, powerful, longlasting. The ML10 Pro Cup is a racket that is suitable for any type of player. If you have any doubts about buying a racket, the Pro Cup will never let you down. This is one of the best selling rackets of all time and the first racket developed by Miguel Lamperti. A real classic.

This season we have just changed the appearance, using the new NOX logo. The rest of the racket is exactly the same. If it works, why change it?

Every racket from the PRO SERIES  comes with a cover and a transparent protector protecting the racket against shocks on the frame.

Protector de pala de pádel transparente 


Shape Round
Weight 360-375 grams
Core HR3
Frame 100% carbon
Face 3K Fiber Glass Silver
Control 10/10
Power 9/10
The racket frame

DCarbonCarbon frame. By using this material in the frames we provide the frame, and racket in general, with greater rigidity and durability.

Dynamic Composit StructureBy using a greater amount of material from the frame up to four centimeters inside the racket face we minimize the difference in toughness between the frame and the face. Thus, when the ball is hit with the outer areas of the racket we minimize the possible cutting of fibres that could occur when the rubber sinks in.  


The racket core

  HR3 CoreThe core has rubber that is even denser than the HR3. It increases the speed with which the racket core recovers its state prior to striking the ball. This rubber attains maximum power.


The racket face

Fiber Glass SilverFibre glass with a metallized finish in order to give the material a level of rigidity that is between carbon and fibre glass.

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